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We help people with...

  • Retirement Income Annuities
  • Insurance, LTC, Final Expense
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Retirement Income Maximization
  • Rollovers: 401k's 403b's & IRA's
  • Secure Income that can't be outlived
  • Replace lost Soc Sec Survivor Income
  • Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, POA's
  • Beneficiary Liquidity/Asset Protect
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Video Resouces

Suze Orman does not recommend

"Variable Annuities"

Neither Do We...

Suze Orman recommends

Fixed Index Annuites which are

Single Premium Deferred Annuities

So Do We!

Learn as Tony Robbins explains how

Fixed Inxed Annuities work

and why he owns them

and why you should to, in Retirement.

Learn, Why Suze Orman

Recommends Deferred Annuities

In about a minute... learn how they work

and see what they can do for you!

Learn, Why you may want to

convert your 401k, IRA or 403b

into a Lifetime Retirement Income.

Learn How to get Guarantee Lifetime Retirement Income


"The Lifetime Income Withdrawl Guarantee"

Learn about the

Retirement Delema

Facing Retirees Today

How much Guaranteed Income

do You Have?

Learn How You can have a Paycheck for Life

One that acts like a pension where your monthly income does not go down and you never run out of money due to

stock market declines.

5 min. Webinar on Demand

Learn from John Davis,

how a Fixed Indexed Annuity

earns Interest with a 4-Year Graph Example.

See how it protects your money from stock market losses.

20 min. Webinar on Demand

Learn about the 4% Rule

It's promoted by Wall Street as a

safe way to live off your investments

and never outlive your money in retirement.

We like it, but see some problems with it.

Problems, like No Income or Reduced Income or burning through your assets and running out of money.

Learn about the

Beneficary Liquidity Plan and Trust

Learn why you might want

to have this plan

in place before it's too late!

Let's talk, about Your

Retirement Goals

John T. Davis CFF

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